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We are reclaiming what it means to be a man. Each week we interview the world’s most successful men on the planet - elite athletes, warriors, New York Times Bestselling Authors, and world-class entrepreneurs – extract their hard-fought lessons and experience and deliver them straight to you. Past guests include Jocko Willink, Tim Kennedy, Andy Frisella, Lewis Howes, Grant Cardone, Ryan Holiday, Ben Greenfield, Rich Roll, and so many more. If you’re ready to level up your life as a man, this is the show for you.
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Apr 17, 2018

Today, we talk about something we've never directly addressed on this podcast, God. Now, before you tune me out based on that word alone, I believe that regardless of what you believe, there is something to be learned in every conversation and every experience.

That's why, when my friend, Dale Partridge reached out to talk about his new book, Saved From Success, I knew I needed to have him on. At the risk of losing a few listeners and receiving a few disapproving emails, I thought this was a conversation worth having. We talk about Dale's definition of success compared to much of society's, why men are hesitant to surrender to a higher power, how to develop a life of significance and meaning, and how all of us can be saved from success.


  • How Dale defines success versus much of society
  • Why men are hesitant to "surrender" to a higher power
  • Specific money rules all men should learn to follow
  • What does it mean to be "mature" and how to develop it
  • Why we've become a culture where our youth are worshipped
  • How a man begins to believe in God
  • Where morality comes from
  • Why the fear of death can be both a positive and negative
  • Overcoming the "Gap of Integrity"
  • How to develop a life of significance and meaning
  • Why society views children as nothing more than a hindrance
  • Becoming more influential, the right way
  • What it truly means to be free


Today, I have the honor of introducing you to my friend and repeat guest, Dale Partridge. I had him on the show in June of last year to talk about turning your passion into your profession.

About a month or so ago, he reached out to me regarding his new book and I thought it would make for an interesting conversation.

For those of you who may not know, Dale is an extremely successful entrepreneur and the founder of Startup Camp, which teaches aspiring entrepreneurs the ropes when it comes to building businesses.

I've been following him and his message for a long time and we've managed to build a friendship through our mutual work in calling men to step up to be men in their homes, their communities, their business, and every other facet of their lives.

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Apr 13, 2018

Today, I answer questions from Facebook about building a tribe, creating a network of connections, developing discipline and confidence, how to help sons with their anger, and improve the drive for bigger and better.

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Apr 11, 2018

Today, I talk with Scott Pinyard about overcoming an alcohol addiction, becoming a better role model for our children, and how to eliminate debt.

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Apr 10, 2018

Adding value is a phrase we'll all heard. Like any word the marketers of the world get ahold of, it begins to lose some of it's meaning when it's overused. But that overuse doesn't make it any less valuable as a strategy for growth and success.

My guest today, Tyler Harris, is using the idea of adding value to create a hugely successful social media business on top of his already existing success in the financial services industry. Today, we talk about how personal responsibility lies at the foundation of success, how and why every man should develop more presence, why people are starving for the truth, and how the value proposition is so powerful.


  • Striking a balance in life
  • The power of consistency
  • Determining what course of action is best for you
  • Why you should lead with insane levels of value
  • How personal responsibility is the foundation of achievement
  • Why you should avoid playing not to lose
  • Why the truth is so refreshing to people
  • Using social media as an accountability tool
  • How to avoid mismanaging your time
  • Developing presence
  • The qualities to look for in team members


Gentlemen, I have the honor of introducing you to someone I've been following for a little while now, Tyler Harris.

I've been extremely impressed by his level of dedication and discipline when it comes to building a new business using the power of social media. I talk with a lot of people who want to build a movement using the social tools at our disposal but I talk with very few who are doing it in a way that actually moves the needle.

And, as I got to know more about Tyler's story, I can see why. He's been hugely successful in establishing relationships and putting in a ton of work in order to thrive in the financial services industry (which is a very hard market to break into).

Now, he's applying those same principles to his new endeavors and sharing them with us today.

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Apr 6, 2018

I spend a lot of time talking to men on a daily basis. One thing I’m always intrigued by is the fire that I can see (or can’t see) simply by looking into their eyes. It’s been said that “the eyes are the window to the soul.” If that’s true, you can tell a lot about a man and his passion and enthusiasm through a quick glance and connection of the eyes.

Unfortunately, all too often what I see when I look is lifelessness, soullessness, and a general complacency and signs of defeat. I can certainly understand and even relate to that feeling. For a lot of years, I felt the exact same way. I occasionally look at old pictures of myself and I recognize a defeated man when I see him.

Let’s face it, life is tough. It gets challenging. It gets routine, boring, and monotonous at times. And, what I experience more often than not is men who allow those circumstances to defeat them. I think one of the biggest dangers in society today is a lack of men who are passionate, fired up, engaged in creating a meaningful life for themselves and those around them.

If you’re one of these guys who has lost the passion for life, have hope. The fire is there, inside you. You just need to add a little fuel to it to get it stoked again. Here are several strategies for adding fuel to the fire:

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Apr 4, 2018

Today, I talk with Reece Carter about the power of a mental fight club, why you need to stop lying to yourself, and how to harness healthy competition.

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Apr 3, 2018

Suffering isn't typically something people like to attract in their lives but the reality is you cannot fully escape it. It's part of the human experience. So, rather than run from the unexpected suffering we're all likely to face, my guest, Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver suggests we run towards it and embrace it instead.

Today, we talk about the power of identifying and living by a set of ethos, how to create an extremely powerful ecosystem for success, when you should follow the rules and when you should break them, and how you can embrace the suffering life is bound to present.


  • The power of living by a set of ethos
  • Whether leadership is natural or developed
  • How to create an incredible team culture
  • Why suffering is crucial
  • Developing a powerful ecosystem
  • Why you should "subject yourself to something bigger"
  • Establishing non-negotiables
  • The three pillars of manhood
  • When you should follow the rules and when you shouldn't
  • The art and science of leadership
  • The qualities to look for in team members


I was at an event about a month ago and my guest's name was brought up to me three times in about ten minutes. I was intrigued so I looked him up and new I needed to connect with him.

Every once in a while, you make a new connection that feels more like old friends than new acquaintances. And, that's how I felt when I started talking with Rorke Denver (this interview is the first time we've talked).

This man is truly incredible. He's a Navy SEAL, Ranger qualified, New York Times Bestselling Author. And, on top of all that, he starred in the movie, Act of Valor, and has since gone on to create an amazing business focused on the idea of Ever Onward.

He's taking all the lessons he's learned and sharing them with the world so they too can learn what it takes to lead their own lives. And, speaking of leadership, this man is an incredible leader (you'll hear that in the interview) and has since become a friend of mine.

I believe in finding and connecting with high-quality men and Rorke is among the best.

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Mar 30, 2018

There seems to be this strange shift in society today where we, collectively, have begun to give more credit to children than they deserve. Historically, adults have made the decisions and been the influential party in the direction of relevant culture and policy. Now, in some sort of weird, reality version of Lord of the Flies, we’ve begun to allow our children to dictate the tone of the conversation and set the framework for some very serious issues all of us will be impacted by.

Now, before I get into what I’m going to share with you today, allow me to explain a couple things, a disclaimer if you will. First, I do not believe children should make the rules or set the tone of adult conversations. This does not mean I don’t care about our kids or have empathy and/or compassion for their perspectives and experiences. Second, some of our children are very intelligent. There’s no denying that. Still, they lack the life experience required to fully understand the ramifications of their limited experience. Third, I am not of the mindset that children should be seen and not heard. I listen to my children (and the children in my community I have a responsibility for) every day. That said, I as the adult, make the decisions.

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Mar 28, 2018

Today, I talk with Justin Bailey about creating a legacy our children will be proud of, the power of accountability, and why we should all be more intentional about our lives.

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Mar 27, 2018

Most of us tend to focus on that one big, audacious goal we all have. The problem with that is it may be so far out there or so unrealistic that subconsciously we believe we can't ever achieve it.

My guest and friend, Tommy Baker, makes the case for focusing more on the process than the result. In fact, in his new book, he teaches how to fall in love with the process and achieve our wildest dreams. Today, we talk about overcoming the law of diminishing returns, how to effectively set goals, the greatest myths of achievement, and how to harness the power of the 1% rule.


  • How to fall in love with the process as opposed to the end result
  • Overcoming the law of diminishing returns
  • How to effectively set goals
  • Why focusing on the "how" is critical
  • Developing and exercising faith
  • The myths of achievement
  • The power of a why, vision, purpose, and mission
  • The 3-step code for achieving more
  • Why auditing your life and implementing "auto-deletion" is so powerful
  • How focusing on death helps you live better
  • The truth about massive expectations and unrealistic goals



Gents, my guest today is return guest, Mr. Tommy Baker. He's been on the show once before but has since written a new book and I knew, based on feedback we got from our previous conversation, we needed to have him back on.

If you haven't listened to the first episode, you'll soon hear why Tommy and I get along so well. His energy is second to none and his enthusiasm and engagement with life are infectious.

He is the founder of the Resist Average Academy and podcast and has a passion for helping people achieve more in every single area of their lives.

Originally, a fitness coach, he's since expanded his own capacity for growth and expansion and is more focused now on helping people get their mindset right. His first book is called Unresolution and the follow up is what you'll hear all about today, called The 1% Rule.

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Mar 23, 2018

Take a look around and I think you’ll agree with me that there seems to be more and more men who are shirking their responsibilities as men. It’s easy to understand why. It’s always harder (at least initially) to accept responsibility. If you do, it means you’ll actually have to exert yourself.

You’ll have to go into the office a little earlier. You’ll have to stay a little later. You’ll miss the latest season of Game of Thrones (or whatever series happens to be on right now). It means you’ll have to volunteer to help a neighbor in need. Or serve in your church or community. It means you’ll have to put your own hobby on hold and help your child with his or her homework. It means that the hunting trip will have to wait because your business or family needs your attention.

Of course, when I put it that way, no sane human being would want to accept more responsibility. So, what do we do instead? We complain about rights and entitlements. It’s pathetic.

“It’s my right to free health insurance.”
“It’s my right to a good job.”
“I’m entitled to my wife’s support.”
“My boss owes me a promotion.”
“That company has to serve me the way I want to be served.”

It’s selfish. It’s weak. And, most importantly, it’s a detriment to yourself and society as a whole. What happens when the majority of people begin to demand “rights” without a willingness to accept responsibility for securing those rights? I think we all know the answer to that question. And, just in case you don’t, the answer is, “it collapses.”

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Mar 21, 2018

Today, I talk with Bart Folse about losing over 100lbs and paying off over $100,000.

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Mar 20, 2018

I went on my first hunt just last year and I can tell you that it was one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. I have another trip planned in a couple weeks and I already know it's going to push me and expand me in new ways as a man.

Although I wouldn't call myself a hunter just yet, I am learning and inspired by men like my friend and guest today, Adam Greentree. He's been hunting in Australia for most of his life and I really wanted to get his perspective because it's one we just don't hear a lot. Today, we talk about why adventure is so important in the lives of men, developing an open mind to new ideas and experiences, knowing what battles to fight and when to make a stand, and how hunting can make you a better man.


• How hunting makes you a better man
• The value of hunting on the pursuit of mastery
• How to overcome challenges, obstacles, hurdles
• Why adventure is so important in the lives of men
• Developing an open mind to new ideas and experiences
• How hunting helped Adam create a "new awakening" for himself
• Knowing what battles to fight and when to make a stand
• The conservation efforts lead by hunters
• The critical importance of providing for your family
• How hunting can make you more passionate and appreciative of life
• Dealing with hate and criticism


Gentlemen, today I have the honor of introducing you to my friend, Mr. Adam Greentree.

Adam is an avid bowhunter from Australia, he's the host of the Bowhunter's Life Podcast, and is someone I admire and respect for his dedication to his craft and his quest for mastery when it comes to all things bowhunting.

I've learned so much from this guy in such a short period of time and he's inspired me to live a life of more adventure and to pick up a bow and see what the fuss is all about for myself.

I'm also blown away with his hunting schedule. The amount of hunts this guy participates in is unreal. And, how he does it and the adventures he takes part of will definitely inspire you to tap back into your primal roots.

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Mar 16, 2018

Today, I thought I’d pull back the curtain and share with you a little bit about the process of writing a book. I’ve received a lot of messages since we published, Sovereignty: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Men about what it took to write the book, the challenges, the victories, the things I did well, and the things I didn’t do so well in making this book available to you.

Let’s face it, writing a book isn’t an easy process. It’s a painstakingly slow journey that really causes you to question your own sanity. Sometimes you run across days you feel 100% committed and, other days, you want to quit and throw in the towel.

So, since I’ve received so many questions about the process, I figured I’d give you some insight and you can decide from there if writing a book is something you want to take part it. We’ll cover the reason you need a strong “why,” the actual process (including the tools I used), the timeline you should follow, what format to publish in, and whether you should find a publisher or self-publish.

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Mar 14, 2018

Today on In the Trenches, I interview Chis Gachko about his challenges and victories in improving his marriage, starting a family, and launching a new business.

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Mar 13, 2018

One year ago, I had my good friend, Jordan Harbinger on the show to talk about building social capital. Today, he's back on the show to talk about calling in that social capital.

Through a series of unfortunate events with his business, he's had to reach out to his network, connections, and friends and request help in building a new business from the ground up. Without his work in building a strong network in the past, Jordan admits he'd be in a much worse position today. In this episode, we talk about why keeping score in relationships is a bad idea, how to get over asking people for help, something Jordan calls "systematic network maintenance," and how to call in your social capital.


  • Why keeping score in relationships is a bad idea

  • How to build a network without the expectation of anything in return
  • Why people choose to follow certain people

  • How to maintain consistent contact with your network

  • How to get over asking people for help

  • Getting comfortable with helping others

  • Getting comfortable with asking help from others
The strategy of "opportunistic network maintenance"

  • The strategy of "systematic network maintenance"

  • How to use content management systems to enhance your social capital

  • Specific strategies for building out and asking for help from your network



Today, I have the privilege of introducing you to my friend, yet again, Jordan Harbinger. This is his third visit on the show and every single conversation with him has been packed with value and wisdom.

Jordan reached out to me a month or so ago after having left his previous business, The Art of Charm, to inform me that he was striking out on his own.

I know a lot of you are familiar with that company and probably follow it as well. You probably also know that Jordan had a falling out with the other founders and found himself needed to tap into his social capital, which he's been building for years.

The thing that impresses me most about Jordan is that it is apparent he applies what he teaches and, as much as I wish we were having this conversation under different circumstances, in this conversation you'll hear exactly how he's going to crush his new business venture using the skills, tools, and strategies he's been teaching for more than a decade in the business.

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Mar 9, 2018

There are two types of people in this world: makers and takers. The reality is that we’ve all been a bit of both in our lives. But I think more and more I’m seeing the pendulum switch in society from most of us being makers to most of us being takers.

It’s not sustainable. It’s not healthy. And, frankly, it’s not manly. So today, I thought I’d share why being a maker is not only your job as a man but it’s much more profitable and fulfilling way to live. And, I’ll also share five very practical tips/mindsets for turning yourself into more of a maker.

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Mar 7, 2018

This week, I interview Bubba Downs, our host of the new series, In the Trenches.

Mar 6, 2018

I spent time in the military, including an active-duty tour to Iraq in 2005-2006. I know how hard it can be transition from service to civilian life. One of the most challenging things for me was to go from having a clear sense of direction and purpose to not knowing what my next battle was. I know a lot of our nation's warriors feel the same.

Today I talk with my good friend, Phil Randazzo, about his 15-year mission to help our military members successfully transition into civilian life. I believe so much in what he and his organization are doing that I now sit on the board of advisors for American Dream U. Today we talk about why transitioning out of the military is so challenging, what our military members should be doing prior to leaving service, how they can find a new battle to fight, and how we can support our nation's warriors.


  • Why transitioning out of the military is so challenging
  • Why our veterans discount their experience from the military
  • What obligations and responsibilities we have to take care of our warriors
  • How building a new tribe is critical for veterans
  • The best steps to take prior to transitioning from service
  • How to develop a new sense of purpose beyond the military
  • Why suicide rates are so high among veterans and what to do about it
  • How to find a new battle to fight
  • How to harness technology to launch a successful second career
  • Business owners' perspectives on hiring military members
  • What valuable translatable skills military members possess


Gentlemen, I can't even begin to describe how excited I am to introduce you to my friend Phil Randazzo.

Him and I met about a year ago through some mutual acquaintances and since began working together with his organization, American Dream U.

Phil is an extremely successful business owner working in the financial services industry but more important than that is his 15-year journey to help transition our nation's warriors. I can tell you that this is a man who has his heart in the right place and is genuinely concerned with helping our veterans.

He's been invited to the White House, testified in front of Congress on the behalf of veterans, been given a key to the city of Las Vegas, and commissioned as a member of the Veterans Service Commission. So, needless to say, he's committed to the work and I couldn't be more proud to be part of his organization and call him a friend.

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Mar 2, 2018

I’m sure you’re well-aware of the drug abuse, suicide, and violent crime rates with regards to young men. It’s all over the headlines these days and, with the latest school shooting in Florida, it’s become impossible to ignore. There is a real problem here.

And, while the rest of the world focuses on gun control and legislation in hopes of putting a bandaid over the problems that are becoming all too common, I’d encourage us here within the Order of Man to look at the root of the problem, which I believe is fatherless homes.

Let’s take a look at some of the statistics:

  • 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes (US Dept. Of Health/Census).
  • 85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes (Center for Disease Control).
  • 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes (National Principals Association Report).
  • 70% of youths in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes (U.S. Dept. of Justice, Sept. 1988).
  • 85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes (Fulton Co. Georgia, Texas Dept. of Correction).

I could go on and on about this but I think you can see that there is a problem with fathers being absent in the home. I do want to be very clear here, this is not intended to put down women who are raising children on their own. My mom did for much of my early life and she did a terrific job. That said, the facts are the facts. And this is what the data is telling us.

I know I could also talk with you about the impacts on girls when fathers are absent but for the sake of this discussion, I want to talk about boys exclusively because it’s boys who are perpetuating much of the problems we see in society. I believe the solution is homes where fathers are present and engaged.

What I wanted to do today is connect the dots between boys and fathers and why this relationship is so critical for the well-being of our sons and society as a whole. Here are 5 reasons why dads are needed now more than ever.

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Feb 27, 2018

So many of us focus on the end result - some noble goal we wish to pursue. And, while there's value in knowing where you're going, my guest today makes the case for measuring your successes in the smallest unit of measurement possible.

Most of you know Aubrey Marcus, founder of Onnit. He is back again to talk about how he has managed to build so much success in his life. Today, we talk about the key to starting your day off right, the benefits of unconventional training, napping, supplements, weird lunches, and how to own the day and own your life.


• Why focusing on the smallest unit of measurement is critical
• The key to starting the day correctly
• The power of hydrating, breathing, and freezing
• Where and how supplements come into play
• Utilizing drive time to your advantage
• How eating a weird lunch will serve you so wellHow to be more efficient through utilizing daily napping
• The benefits of unconventional physical training
• How to turn your life into an experimentation
• Building a powerful environment to attract powerful people
• How to own your life rather than it owning you


I have a repeat guest for you today and one most of you know.

Aubrey Marcus is the founder of Onnit, which specializes in food, supplements, equipment, and apparel.

The more I get to know this guy, the more I'm intrigued about how he produces results in his life and the interesting and sometimes strange way in which he experiments with everything that he can.

He's a multi-sport athlete, a philosopher, a podcaster, a business owner, and author, and somewhat of a scientist when it comes to achieving total human optimization in his own life and the millions of people he's working hard to inspire.

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Feb 23, 2018

We’ve all heard the adage that you are the average of your five closest friends. I don’t take that too literally but I do know that when I surround myself with powerful people, life changes. There was a time in my life where I lacked any real intentionality about who I surrounded myself with and the results (or lack thereof) showed.

Since those days, I’m made a deliberate and strategic decision to find people who are thriving in ways I want to thrive and put into action some strategies that have connected me with New York Times Bestselling Authors, elite warriors and athletes, multi-millionaire business owners, and, frankly, some of the most successful people on the planet.

I think we can all agree that men and masculinity are on the defensive. There is a disturbing trend in society that says we are simply not needed. This could not be further from the truth. And, unfortunately, it will take something catastrophic happening before society, as a whole, realizes the value of strong and noble men.

I’m not interested in waiting until that happens because I believe our job as men is to provide, even if it isn’t all that appreciated. Unfortunately, we’ll continue to see the ramifications of a lack of men and masculinity: suicide rates, drug use, violent crimes, school drop out rate, child abuse, etc.

So, in an attempt to begin the dialogue around reversing the trend, I made a post on Instagram with ten steps to reclaiming masculinity. Here they are:

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Feb 20, 2018

We all know health and wellness are important when it comes to stepping into our full potential but most of us tend to think it ends with eating right and exercising. While those elements are certainly important on our road to a healthy life, it goes well beyond lifting weights and eating salads.

My guest today is Josh Trent. He is the founder of Wellness Force and is focused on helping people across the planet lead healthy lives. Today we talk about connecting the head and heart, how to identify which beliefs are serving you, how to harness both the beast and the spirit inside all men, and how to develop physical and emotional intelligence.


  • What the term "wellness" actually means
  • How to develop physical and emotional intelligence
  • How to connect "head to the heart"
  • How to identify what beliefs and actions are serving you
  • The power of a technology fast
  • How to develop more confidence
  • How to reconcile ownership and kindness
  • How to use the past for forward progression
  • How to harness both the beast and the spirit
  • Using the process of reflection for growth
  • Why transforming the mind leads to a transformation everywhere else



My guest today is the founder of Wellness Force, Josh Trent. Josh and I met at the Spartan World Championship and since the minute I met him, I've been blown away with his energy and enthusiasm for life and the desire to live it well.

Throughout his 14 years inside the health and wellness Josh has helped thousands of men understand and develop physical and emotional intelligence.

His knowledge and expertise goes well beyond what every other "fitness guru" will tell you as he takes a more well-rounded approach to developing the body, mind, and soul.

He's worked with and interview hundreds of the sharpest minds in the wellness industry and has been on his own personal journey and transformation which you'll hear more of in our interview.

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Feb 16, 2018

We’ve all heard the adage that you are the average of your five closest friends. I don’t take that too literally but I do know that when I surround myself with powerful people, life changes. There was a time in my life where I lacked any real intentionality about who I surrounded myself with and the results (or lack thereof) showed.

Since those days, I’m made a deliberate and strategic decision to find people who are thriving in ways I want to thrive and put into action some strategies that have connected me with New York Times Bestselling Authors, elite warriors and athletes, multi-millionaire business owners, and, frankly, some of the most successful people on the planet.

The reason I want you to listen very closely to this episode is that I’m not particularly anything special. There are a lot of men out there who believe that the reason I’ve been able to connect with these people is because I’m successful. Guys, that just isn’t true. I may be experiencing some success now but when I started Order of Man, I had absolutely no track record of success. I’ve simply figured some things out and executed relentlessly.

So this isn’t something only extraordinary people can do. Whether you’re achieving huge levels of success of none at all, everyone can implement the five steps I’m going to share with you and do the same thing I’ve done.

The first point I need to make is that all of these five steps have the foundational element of adding value. I want you to focus on serving others and enhancing their lives. That’s it. At it’s most basic level, that is how you succeed and position yourself in the company with the right people. But let’s break this down even further.

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Feb 13, 2018

Higher education seems to be quite the topic these days. With the rising costs of education and the debate as to whether or not students are learning applicable skills, it seems inevitable that we'll see a shift away from traditional higher education to something more practical and affordable.

I've been an advocate for trade schools and apprenticeships programs for some time now but my guest today gives us yet another option to the challenges our young men and women face on the road to higher education. My guest today is the founder of MissionU, a one-year higher educational program that gives students the skills and experience to succeed after college. Today we talk about the rising cost of education and what can be done about it, how education institutions and students can and should work together towards solutions, bringing back the human element to schooling, and the future of higher education.


  • Why traditional higher education is becoming less relevant

  • The future of higher education

  • Enhancing the human element to higher education

  • The rising cost of college and how to reduce it

  • How to create win-wins between educational institutions and potential employers

  • Utilizing technology to make education more efficient

  • The power of teaching "soft skills" in college
How colleges have an obligation to teach applicable skills

  • Where traditional education is falling short
How educational institutions and students can work together for solutions

  • The power of investing in student's education


My guest today is Adam Bruan. Adam is a New York Times Bestselling author, an entrepreneur, and a speaker.
He is the founder of Pencils of Promise, a "for-purpose" organization dedicated to building schools around the world. In fact, they have now built over 400 schools.

What's even more impressive is that he took $25 and turned it into this organization that has generated $30,000,000 of funds raised.

Since then, he has turned his attention to the challenges surrounding higher education and has dedicated himself to creating solutions to some of the world's most challenging problems.

You're going to hear the passion and excitement in his voice as Adam and I have a conversation everyone would agree needs to be had about where to go with our post-secondary education.

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